Frequently Asked Questions

Which product is best for me?

  • Each product is unique and can be recommended based on your personal palate and desired experience. An easy place to start is to identify which effects you are looking for. If you’re looking to relax, we’d recommend an Indica. If you’re looking for more of a creative stimulant, we’d recommend a Sativa. If you’re looking for a balance of the two, we’d recommend a Hybrid.


What do the different products/colors represent? And how do these relate to effects?

  • Black – Indica – relaxing, calming, full-body sedative effect best-suited for night use or low physical activity
  • Brown – Sun grown – outdoor grown all natural cannabis
  • Gray – CBD – calming body sedative intended for non-psychoactive activities
  • Green – Hybrid – blend of Indica and Sativa
  • White – Sativa – uplifting, energetic, creative, cerebral feeling best-suited for day use, physical and/or creative activities


I live in ____. Can I purchase or use this product legally?

  • Our products are largely available in our hometown, Los Angeles as well as many other great locations in California.


What are the laws when it comes to purchase and use?

  • Under California law, adults 21 or older can use or carry cannabis, though purchase for adult use/recreational consumption will not be available until January 1, 2018. (i.e. you can carry and/or use it but not buy it). However, If you currently use cannabis for medicinal purposes you are fully available to purchase and use at any of our existing retail partners to adults 21 or older can use, carry, and purchase cannabis from licensed adult recreational and medicinal retail locations or delivery services.

As indicated by our legal team, the purchase and sale of cannabis remains illegal under federal law  (i.e., the Controlled Substances Act).

For further review, please see California Department of Health website “Let’s Talk Cannabis


How much does each product cost?

  • Products will be fairly priced for consumers, our goal is to actively work towards differentiated products to adhere to all price points for all consumers. At the moment, we are focused on providing high quality, consistent, cannabis that tests clean above market standards.


I see that you’re throwing an event. How can I get in?

  • You can find our events through our Social Media accounts as well as our events section of our website. Most events will open to the public, just check the event listing if RSVP is needed.


Can I come work for you? How can I help?

  • Our company is evolving and growing rapidly. If you’d like to join us, you can send your resume and cover letter to Please also join us at events, share your experiences with friends, and follow any job postings through social media and website.


I bought the product and it didn’t work or do what it said it would do and I would like to voice a complaint.

  • We want your feedback. Please send us the picture of the product, where you purchased it, and included product information on strain with a summary of your experience and we’ll do our best to provide you with either an alternative or replacement.


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