Our Mission

Driven by passion, integrity, and a commitment to excellence, we embrace our responsibility to affect change on society, compelling us to refine the perception of our industry, elevate our community, and cultivate genuine, trustworthy relationships.

Our Story

We have invested many years studying the industry, researching the best practices, perfecting our grow techniques,evolving our aptitudes through trial and error, trial by fire, often times by the seat of our pants, and other times full-steam ahead and with absolute conviction.

We immersed ourselves in our projects believing that one day, with the culmination of our efforts and the combination of our experience, we would develop a Cannabis brand we’d be proud to share with our community.

We are pleased to say that day has finally arrived.

Our Team

We unified as Royal Reserve with the intention that our brand would promote a positive, happy, active, healthy lifestyle. We embraced our responsibility to affect that change within the industry culture, and allowed our passion to fuel creativity and forward momentum.

Every member of our team shares an unwavering commitment to excellence, vowing to conduct our business with both honesty and integrity, which serves us best in developing genuine and trustworthy relationships through our business interactions. In this way, we hope to educate society through the example we set in order to transform the perception of our community.

Our goal is for our principles to extend beyond the boundaries of our business. We embrace diversity to encourage acceptance and inclusion within our industry and maintain a supreme focus on employing practices, which are both socially and environmentally responsible. We hope to inspire those around us with our actions, so that we may become a rising tide that lifts all ships.

Our Process


All potential cannabis products considered for Royal Reserve must undergo a vetting process based on sight, smell, touch, and taste. We inspect each potential product to ensure proper development, desirable aromas, and an enjoyable flavor profile.


Every potential product that meets our SENSE specifications, must then undergo rigorous chemical testing to determine the molecular breakdown of cannabinoids and terpenes, in addition to being tested for the presence of mold, fungus, and solvents.

Suggested Use

Once our knowledgeable professionals determine a specific product has met our standards, they assign that product the Royal Reserve seal of approval. We then compile the qualitative data from our SENSES tests and quantitative data from our SCIENCE tests to present you with our suggested use, which identifies the potential benefits and experience users can expect from the enjoyment of that product.

Our Promise

One of our greatest goals is to ensure you are completely satisfied with every Royal Reserve purchase you make. We believe the cornerstone of our business is our high quality products and customer service, and we vow to provide you both with enduring consistency.

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